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From Houston to Bosnia in 8 Weeks/ 8 Marathons in 8 Weeks

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Author and Fitness Expert to Attempt Extreme Fitness Challenge
by running 8 Marathons in 8 Weeks at an Obese weight

HOUSTON, JANUARY 19, 2018 / PRESS RELEASE // – Samir Becic, Harper Collins author of the book ReSYNC Your Life and 4 X #1 fitness trainer in America, is attempting his next MEGA fitness feat by running 8 Marathons in 8 weeks with compressed weights in order to bring awareness of the obesity epidemic in America. This is especially impressive given that before the Houston Marathon on January 14th, he had never before run a marathon, and he is not an avid runner.

America is currently the leading country in the world for the highest percentage of obesity, at 35 percent nationwide. That means that 1 in 3 Americans is obese, and 360,000 deaths are occurring annually due to health complications related to obesity. Becic believes this epidemic needs to stop, and he needs the community’s help in order to end this crisis. To do this, Samir Becic is going to run a marathon under the weight equivalent to the obese population.

Becic will be running 8 full Marathons in an 8-week time frame between January 14, 2018, and March 11, 2018, wearing compressed weights equivalent to 73.5 pounds weighted vest. When the 73.5-pound vest is multiplied by 1.6 to make it equivalent to human weight, it equals 117.6 pounds. With Becic weighing in at 215 pounds, the total load on his body will equal 332.6 pounds.

Samir started his mega challenge with the Houston Marathon and will finish with his final marathon being the “I Ran Flagships Marathons Bosnia and Herzegovina” trail marathon in Navarro, Texas.

Becic completed the full 26.2-mile Chevron Houston Marathon on January 14th, 2018, wearing a compressed weighted vest and shorts equivalent to 73.5 pounds or an 118 lbs living body. He ran the marathon in 5:52.48 and his live updates can be seen here. He hopes to improve on his time with each race.

Last year, after his first extreme weighted vest event, Becic said he would never do it again after it ended in excruciating pain. His last challenge of walking a 5K with an additional 200 pounds resulted in his fingers tingling from lack of circulation and his body failing. He started to lose feeling in his upper back, then slowly his lower back began to give out. Later, he collapsed on the dirt road, legs giving out from weakness. Despite all this, he was still able to gather the strength to get himself back up, but then suffered from a foggy head.

After his body gave out from pain and exhaustion, his heartbeats became irregular and he fell over again. Everyone began to fear for his health and urged him to give up and seek medical help, but he managed to complete the entire three-mile walk.

Regardless of how dangerous this next MEGA challenge will be, Becic isn’t backing down. He is using this opportunity to spread awareness of the devastating obesity epidemic in America, and wants to create an event to give the community the knowledge they need in order to end obesity in the future. Becic is also challenging President Trump to tweet about this event.

For more details on Samir’s challenge, follow him on his Facebook and Instagram.

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