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MY FIGHT: Essay and Thoughts by Samir Becic

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I founded the Health Fitness Revolution movement so that an extremely motivated group of people were given a chance to create a healthier and fitter world.

This Revolution is about healthy lifestyle, not weight loss and dieting as you know it! Americans are the biggest consumer of weight loss products (80%) in the world, yet still lead the world in obesity and unhealthy lifestyle.  The percentage of American children and adolescents who are considered overweight or obese has tripled since 1970.

Several chronic conditions can be controlled and avoided with healthy lifestyle and exercise, including: cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, infertility, hypertension, sleep apnea, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, osteoporosis, depression, anxiety, stress, and many more.

More than 70% of adults across the United States are already being diagnosed with a chronic disease and more than 75% of the nation’s healthcare cost being spent on managing and treating these conditions.  The treatment of the seven most common chronic diseases, coupled with productivity losses, costs the U.S. economy more than $1 trilliondollars annually.

Columbia University researchers project that there will be $48 – $66 billion added to current health care costs each year between now and 2030. Being overweight and obese is a real problem – 250 million Americans fall into this category and 360 000 Americans die every year from diseases directly related to obesity and unhealthy lifestyle.  Heart disease is the leading cause of death among men and women in the US. 1.8 billion people worldwide are overweight and obese, 65% of the world’s population live in countries where being overweight and obese kills more people than being underweight.Because of these alarming obesity rates, this generation of children will be the first to live shorter lives than their parents.

Worldwide, more than 40 million children under the age of 5 were overweight or obese.  Domestically, over 1/3 of American children are overweight or obese. 25% of US children spend 4 hours or more watching TV daily instead of being physically active.  Let’s socialize with our children in a physically friendly environment instead of socializing while eating food or watching TV.  Children are the future, let’s make sure they have a bright one! Health Fitness Revolution is in a WAR against obesity and unhealthy lifestyle (a positive and peaceful war).

Throughout history, wars have caused devastation and an enormous amount of pain and suffering.  One of the worst wars in recent history is WWII, when Germany, Japan, Italy and other axis countries were responsible for the death and torture of millions of people around the world.  Obesity and unhealthy lifestyle are the silent killers of today and will cause even more devastation if we don’t put an end to it right now. If we had stopped Hitler and Mussolini before their rise to power we could have probably avoided WWII. Let’s stop obesity and unhealthy lifestyle before it gets to epic proportions that become unmanageable and uncontrollable.

Maybe some of you think that I am being overly dramatic, but working with obese and unhealthy individuals for over 18 years has given me insight to the true devastation that unhealthy lifestyle can cause if not controlled in time. After running the biggest fitness facility in the world in the early 2000’s, and educating thousands of trainers and millions of people directly and indirectly, I am telling you that it is time to say “Wake up America! Wake up World! It’s time to get healthy and fit!” Doctors are not wizards. They don’t have a magic wand to heal you, they are human and they can only help you so much.  You have more control over your body than you think – you can control, manage, or completely avoid 60-70% of known chronic conditions with physical fitness, healthy nutrition, and mental balance.

In reality, Health Fitness Revolution is an unbelievable opportunity to change your life while you change the world. JOIN THE REVOLUTION!

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