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Samir Becic Celebrates 2 Years With Focus Magazine

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Samir Becic is celebrating his two year anniversary writing for Focus Magazine, the most read German-language news outlets in the world. Focus, which was founded in 1993 and is geared toward the “informational elite.” Focus’s editorial commitment to facts and in-depth research is what makes it one of the most prestigious and respected out lets in Europe.

Samir contributes his own area of expertise to the magazine’s readers. He sends original research done by the Health Fitness Revolution team, including our lists and rankings, to Focus’s health section. He appreciates having such a receptive audience of intelligent and concerned readers.

Special Thanks!

Samir would like to extend a special thanks to family and health editor-in-chief Daniel Steil, who began the collaboration with Focus. Samir also wants to thank Jennifer Litters, and the current health and family senior editor Kerstin Kotlar for their journalistic integrity.

By supporting HFR you are supporting a healthier and happier world!

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