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Samir Becic Training for his Next Extreme Challenge

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Houston “Fitness Czar” and ReSYNC Your Life author, Samir Becic, doesn’t play around when it comes to making a point about a healthy lifestyle. He’s ramped up his training to make a very clear point- that ANYONE can get up, and get moving.

In 2017, he infamously walked a 3-mile loop with an extra 200 lbs on him– and two years later, he’s aiming to do that same- and more! This year, he will do 3 miles, 3.5 miles, and 4 miles while wearing an extra 200 lbs on him- the equivalent of a living weight of over 500 lbs!

Here are some clips of his insane training leading up to the challenge:

Pushing a 5500 lbs Mercedes G Wagon (and a person steering inside)

Pushing a 5500 lbs Mercedes G Wagon with an extra 115 lbs weighted vest (and a person steering inside)

Pushing around the new Jeep Gladiator Launch Edition while wearing an extra 115 lbs (and a person steering inside)

This weighted vest challenge pushes his body to the extreme in order to raise awareness about obesity. Stay tuned as we share more behind the scenes of his crazy training and the completion of the challenge!

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