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Samir meets boxing legend George Foreman

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Foreman is a two-time heavyweight champion of the world, an Olympic gold medalist and a successful entrepreneur (remember his eponymous grill?). He’s also one of the most notable Houstonians, growing up in the Fifth Ward. He began boxing at just 15 years old.

He later won a gold medal in 1968, then went on to defeat Joe Frazier for the heavyweight title in 1973 in Kingston, Jamaica. He successfully defended his title twice with wins over Jose Roman and Ken Norton. He was inducted into the Houston Sports Hall of Fame last year and was a guest at this year’s celebration celebrating NBA legend Rudy Tomjanovich, gymnast Mary Lou Retter, and track and field star Carl Lewis.

Samir Becic attended the ceremony and met the boxing legend, who he grew up watching. He said of the Foreman: “For me, former boxing world champion George Foreman is one of my favorite boxers of all time. He has a gracious presence and is truly a man of honor!”

The three-member 2020 Houston Sports Hall of Fame group joins previous classes that featured Earl Campbell, Hakeem Olajuwon and Nolan Ryan in 2018 and Jackie Burke Jr., A.J. Foyt, George Foreman and Dan Pastorini in 2019.

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