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Samir Thanks Endorsers for Upcoming Book ReSYNC Your Life

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In case you didn’t know yet, Health Fitness Revolution founder and ReSync Method creator Samir Becic is releasing his first book ReSYNC Your Life this October 31st, 2017! As the endorsements roll in, Samir says “I am very pleasantly surprised at how many people are offering their endorsements without me even asking for them. Some of them I’ve worked with for a decade, and some of them offer endorsements without ever meeting me in person but they know of my work from the media.”

This book has been a long time coming and we are extraordinarily proud of our founder, Samir, who has been working tirelessly for decades to help people change their lives, and health, for the better with his unique and effective methods. He has volunteered countless hours at various schools, non-profits, and churches in an attempt to make a positive impact in people’s lives, especially in areas where they might not be able to afford extra-curricular health and fitness education.

In Houston in particular, he spent thousands of hours (free of charge) in local schools, organizations, and churches,  positively impacting thousands of lives. Samir spent the large part of a decade building a health and fitness program at Lakewood Church, creating a free program available to all, with many weekly classes and yearly and bi-yearly challengesaimed at health and fitness education and promotion.

Samir having some fun and motivating a class at Lakewood Church

Since 2011, he has been volunteering his expertise for segments with 89.3 FM KSBJ radio, giving weekly health and fitness tips to over 1 million listeners in the greater Houston area. Samir was also frequently featured on CBS in Houston on the show Great Day Houston with Deborah Duncan, dispensing health and fitness tips, motivation, and advice to viewers.

Samir Becic live on air on KSBJ!
HFR founder Samir Becic on Deborah Duncan’s Great Day Houston Show, promoting #PushUpsEverywhere

Samir took the initiative to work pro-bono with homeless shelters, aiming to empower those living on our streets, many of whom suffer from mental illness, which studies show can be helped with regular exercise.

Helping the Houston homeless community get healthy

Last but not least, Samir volunteered at many low socio-economic schools around Houston in an effort to impact the youth and begin chipping away at the childhood obesity epidemic that is so prevalent in our state and country by motivating and empowering the kids.

Samir speaking to a Houston high school

Samir is known for having a huge heart and passion when it comes to a healthy lifestyle- which is why some of his endorsers are standing behind him and his upcoming book- without having ever met him in person! Several celebrity endorsers from around the world (to be announced soon- stay tuned!) who were familiar with his work and have been following him for some time have stepped forward with endorsements for him, his philosophy, and his methods.

For the past decade, Samir has been building a career as one of the country’s foremost experts on health and fitness. He has always been free from advertisers’ influence and spoke out against the use of magic pills and miracle weight loss supplements. He has ALWAYS preached that healthy lifestyle is so much more simple and pure- that with fitness, balanced nutrition, and social, mental, and spiritual balance, we can all avoid 60-70% of known illnesses and live our best lives.

Samir continues his path as a health and fitness advocate and pushes on in his crusade to make America a healthier and better place to live. His genuine compassion, integrity, and boundless energy make this tall order a genuine possibility. Samir feels grateful and blessed for all his endorsements!

Click to pre-order your copy of the life-changing ReSYNC Your Life:

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