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Samir to be featured Live on The 700 Club with Pat Robertson

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It’s only January 3rd and our founder and ReSYNC Your Life author Samir Becic is already doing big things! Tomorrow he will be on air live in Virginia Beach with The 700 Club talking about health, fitness, and his new book.

The 700 Club is the longest-running U.S. cable television series, discussing all sorts of topics from the news, spiritual guidance, and how to live an overall happier and healthier life. It is hosted by Pat Robertson, an American media mogul and former chairman of the Christian Broadcasting Network.

On the show tomorrow morning, Samir will be discussing easy nutrition tips. You don’t have to be a 4 X #1 fitness trainer in the world to benefit from healthy lifestyle! He’ll also be talking about his book and how he uses mental, physical, and spiritual guidance to lead him to a healthy lifestyle. Check your local listings to watch the show on the Freeform channel…

You can also watch the show live on Jan 4th,2018 at 9:00am CST below or online here, it will be replayed throughout the day.

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