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Tuesday, June 18, 2024

ReSYNC Your Life MEGA Fitness Challenge Announced!

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Samir Becic has just announced a new MEGA fitness challenge to be held later this year. He is inviting 100 overweight and obese individuals in the Houston area to join him.

Samir is a world-renowned health and fitness expert. He is the author of the HarperCollins book ReSYNC Your Life, founder of HealthFitnessRevolution Magazine and creator of the ReSync Fitness Method. Samir is known for being named 4 x #1 Fitness Trainer in American and his work has been featured in many top media outlets, and he is famous for his strong motivational skills and energetic presence.

Here are some requirements for the challenge:

  • Participants must bring a medical release from their doctor.
  • The program will begin as soon as 100 eligible entrants are selected.
  • Women must weigh over 250 lbs and men must weigh over 300 lbs.

Stay tuned for more details COMING SOON!

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